I noticed a scenario as I was leaving home the other morning. A couple of the people who live in my house with me were fighting between themselves. Even though I wasn’t a participant in the argument, the negative energy emanating from them filled the space. I told another friend that this was a morning where even if I was sick and could barely get out of bed, I would have found a way to leave the house to get away from the toxic, negative energy.

After I left home that day, I noticed that I was carrying a tension in my body that it took me hours to release. Later that day, thinking about returning to the space, where I didn’t know if they had settled their argument, caused me anxiety. Has this ever happened to you? On top of the effects felt in our bodies, I’m convinced that the spaces themselves retain the negative energy of the occupants.


Can A Space Feel Negative Energy?

Have you ever walked into someone else’s home or business and felt that something was just a little bit off? Even if the people you are interacting with are currently smiling and putting on a good front, you can still feel that there has been an altercation in the space.

Negative energy affects us all in different ways, none of which are positive. Be mindful of the spaces you interact with and the energy you encounter. If you feel unexplained health issues, could it be coming from your environment?

Take a minute to think about the spaces where you spend time. Think about your office, or home, or anywhere else you might frequent. Now take a minute to think about the energy in those spaces. Are they places with positive energy or negative energy?

I know what you might be thinking. What do you mean by the energy in a space? That sounds a little fruity. I admit it, thinking about the intangible in a tangible space does sound a little bit nuts. But I challenge you to stick with me for a couple of minutes.

COVID and the pandemic might have shifted the space that you call your office. With many people now working from home, the lines between spaces are blurry. If you’re working from home, maybe the space where you used to feel one thing, you now feel another thing. However, for this exercise, let’s try to (at least mentally) separate the spaces into work and home.

Preparing for Battle

When thinking specifically about your workspace, whether the lines for you are blurry or not, what do you think or feel? I know that when I used to think about getting ready to drive to work, I needed a minute, a deep breath, before I started my car to get into a mental space for battle. I spent the drive to work putting on my mental armor. Once I arrived at the office, I took another minute, another deep breath, before I walked into the building.

This was an unconscious exercise that I performed every day, in preparation for whatever task I might face once I got to work. These exercises weren’t for nothing. The place where I worked was difficult for me. Each day, I would go in and take the brunt of the angry energy from clients, other staff, and management at that office. Even if the tasks I was performing weren’t laced with angry energy, there was still an unhealthy urgency, an unsustainable expectation for the tasks that I needed to perform. I took the brunt of that energy willingly, knowing that with each jab I took, another staff member didn’t have to. I didn’t recognize just how damaging the environment and all that toxic, negative energy was to my health.

Have You Been Exposed?

What images come to mind when thinking about your home environment? What thoughts do you think, or feelings do you feel? Is it a space where you feel safe? Or is it a space you feel like you must force yourself to return to each night? When you think about going to work, do you find yourself mentally preparing for battle?

Repeated exposure to negative environments is detrimental to our health. When this is the kind of environment we spend our workday in, or if this is the environment we go home to, we will feel the effects. Even if we don’t immediately notice them, like I did that morning, the effects are still there. Stop to examine the energy you are choosing to expose yourself to. Are there changes that you can make to your spaces to make the energy positive?


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