Our Mission– “Wholehearted Counseling, LLC strives to help any person improve their overall health and wellness by offering mental health/counseling services specific to the needs of the individual/couple or family to bring about Courage, Compassion, and Connection.” 

Allison R. Myers, MA, NCC, LPCcAllison R. Myers, MA, NCC, LPC

Owner and Lead Therapist

I received my Master’s Degree from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs and have been practicing in the Colorado Springs area for almost 9 years. 

Wholehearted living is a concept that I have adopted not only in the name of my practice but in the way I interact with each client. “It means cultivating courage, compassion, and connection and to think… I am enough… Yes, I’m imperfect, vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn’t change the truth that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging” – Brene Brown

I started Wholehearted Counseling because I believe any person deserves the opportunity to work towards feeling whole again. This is a process of returning to yourself through excavation and unlearning and remembering who we are. Living a wholehearted life seems like a complex idea. I think that it means that we, as people, are making the choice to focus on ALL parts of ourselves even if it is just in small ways. Small things matter, therefore we matter as a whole. 

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Stephanie Haviland

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

While I have been with Wholehearted Counseling I have learned more and more about the concept of whole-person wellness. I spent the previous 18 years working as the Office Manager for a local accounting office. I know what it feels like to pour everything into one area of your life and not know how to find a work/life balance. I hated the way I was living and I would never want someone else to think that is how life was meant to be experienced. Life is so short, and it should be LIVED!

As the COO for Wholehearted Counseling, I see it as my job to not only make sure the administrative tasks are taken care of but also that the people are cared for. That means both our clients and our clinicians. My goal is to find something encouraging every day and in every situation. I’m so excited to be here and to help further the mission and dreams of Wholehearted Counseling. I’m also responsible for the Therapy Sharks who have started joining sessions at our office. Everybody needs a little love.

Arslan Annaorazov, MSW

Clinical Staff

I was born in the USSR. I speak 4 languages (Russian, Turkish, Norwegian and English). I graduated with a Psychology degree from EGE University (Izmir, Turkey). I later completed my masters degree in Social Work from Nord University (Bodo, NORWAY). After immigrating to the USA in 2010 I worked in the mental health field for 7 and half years serving various populations struggling with mental health issues. My Master’s degree thesis was about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. My professional and multicultural background provides me with a platform to offer a unique approach to clients and their issues. A phrase that offers insight into my therapeutic orientation and guides my life is – “Our perspective on issues coming our way will determine if we live an adventurous or miserable life.”

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Christine Braun, MA, LPCC

Clinical Staff

I believe those who seek counseling already have the answers to their questions and problems. They just need help searching for, unearthing, and clarifying those answers. To me, counseling is like mining for a gem. Walking into a cave might not look very promising, but we won’t know the value to be found until we start looking around more closely.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in History and Elementary Education and my Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Services. I have been a licensed professional school counselor for eight years and am now a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate with the State of Colorado.

I am an educator at heart who has been in the field for over ten years. I have experience both as a teacher and as a school counselor. I have worked with all ability levels, all aspects of schooling, and age levels from six weeks to 21 years. As a school counselor, I have a deep knowledge of school systems and the dynamics between students, parents, and staff. I also have a wealth of knowledge about 504 plans and crisis support at the school level.

I find using person-centered, eclectic, and transactional analysis theories are my preferred therapeutic modalities. However, please do not seek me out based on my theory; the theory I use depends on specific client needs. I adapt to what works best for each individual client and I am not afraid to utilize unconventional methods. We might make memes, write poetry, take a walk, or play a cowbell if it helps!

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Jean Parcher, MA, LPC, Irlen Diagnostician

Part-Time Clinical Staff

I received my Master’s Degree from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, specializing in LGBT+ issues, transgender transitions, gender identity counseling, and light sensitivity. I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Counseling Supervision. I am also the owner and founder of Light Soul Transformation, offering counseling and Irlen Diagnostic services for the past ten years.

I help people GET AND KEEP the change they want in life. As a lesbian military veteran, I offer compassionate, non-judgmental assistance to people who desire to grow and live a complete balanced life. I will help identify the root causes of problems and assist with resolution. Equipping people with life skills and tools helps people achieve internal balance, success, and self-discovery. Feeling supported as a whole and unique person is essential for those confronted with the double stigma of mental health issues and marginalized statuses like gender, intersex, LGBT+, and identity issues. I can assist with counseling and letters for treating Gender Dysphoria and related matters.

Irlen Diagnostician: I live with Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, the official name for Irlen Syndrome. I conduct Light Sensitive Screenings/Diagnostics for Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, including evaluations, reports, and diagnostic services related to light-sensitivity issues. If you want to know more, please go to Irlen.com.

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Amber Crouch, MSN, RN

Part-Time Administrative Staff, Wellness Coach and RN Consultant

I became a Registered Nurse in 2013. Since then, I have worked many different jobs ranging from being a charge nurse in a Skilled Nursing Facility to Pre-op/Post-Op/recovery Room to Cardiac Diagnostics. In addition, I have been a nursing professor at Pikes Peak State College teaching and growing new nurses. While following my dream to work with women and pregnant people, I graduated in 2019 with my master’s as a Nurse Midwife. During the pandemic I recognized a lack of mental health care coupled with the growing needs of the population. The lack I have observed includes the need for holistic care and mental health services for all parts of the family. Because of this, I returned to school in 2021 to complete a post-masters as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. My dream is to provide holistic mental health services to all parts of the family. While I am completing the course work and anticipating a graduation date in early 2024, I have joined hands with Wholehearted Counseling to provide individual and group education, supplement recommendations, and overall general health support to our clients.

In addition, after graduation I look forward to partnering with the Wholehearted team full time to provide medication management and education with a focus on holistic care for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), Trauma, LGBTQIA+, Under-served/Marginalized Communities, and Women of all ages.

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Barbara C. Myers

Associate of Wholehearted Counseling
No one dimension of our lives is separate from the other;  mind, body, spirit – work, home, and social are all interconnected.  They are all part of the WHOLE that represents us as an individual person.  As a psychotherapist or life coach, my commitment is to help others heal from the grief, pain, disappointments, and impacts of life with the depression and anxiety that often ensues and to help them create their own solid foundation and vision of wholeness.  We can and do recover from our own mistakes, our griefs, and the sometimes harsh actions of others toward us. It’s a worthy journey to heal the broken places and emerge whole.
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Psychotherapist (unl), Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Author, and Lecturer of the Abundant Life Workshop and EFT Practitioner.  Former CFO and HR Director.



In addition to providing counseling services, Wholehearted Counseling is an Independent BEMER Distributor. To learn more about BEMER click Wholehearted Counseling BEMER Group

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Services Offered

・Individual Counseling   ・Couples Counseling    ・Family Counseling   ・Groups (Coming Soon)   ・Coaching


Each modality of counseling includes an integrative approach of strategies, interventions, and techniques. Wholehearted Counseling tailors counseling services to the individual or unit receiving services.



We work with Children and Teens from 1 to 21yo and Adults ages 16 – 90+yo.
We do NOT accept insurance for Couples, Family, Group Counseling or Coaching services.

Pricing & Payment Information

  • Avg Cost (per session): $100 – $150
    • Sliding Scale and Pro Bono Sessions are offered with limited availability
    • Session cost varies between therapists
    • Insurance options will vary based provider
  • Accepted Payment methods: Cash, Check, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Health Savings Accounts
  • Insurance Plans Accepted: Medicaid (CCHA), Blue Cross Blue Shield (Anthem)
  • We do NOT accept insurance for Couples, Family, Group Counseling or Coaching services
  • Out of Network Insurance or Insurance Plans not listed session pricing will vary based on superbill submission to insurance carrier
  • Single Case Agreements are negotiated on a case by case basis for continuing care or unique circumstances (please contact for more info)

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Professional Memberships & Affiliations

American Counseling Association(ACA)
–Colorado Counseling Association (CCA)
–The Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC)
–Department of Regulatory Agencies
–Grief Recovery Institute
–Colorado Association for Addiction Professionals (CAAP)
–American Psychological Association (APA)
–Psychology Today
–National Board for Certified Counselors
–The Colorado Springs Senior Center



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"I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival"—Audre Lorde