May is mental health awareness month

We talk about mental health awareness because the only way to manage mental health issues is by realizing that not one of us is alone in our struggles. We need to recognize that we are ALL affected by mental health issues.

When you think of “mental health,” what do you think about? Is it the classic person with an evident disability who needs to be locked up somewhere because they are a danger to themselves or others? Or is it the “regular” person you see on the street? The person who looks normal, who you can’t tell by looking at them that they are struggling with their everyday lives.

We used to have a poster hanging on the wall in our old office space. It said: “Depression isn’t always dark rooms and crying endlessly. Sometimes it’s getting up, going to work, and smiling and laughing all day and then coming home to sit quietly doing little to nothing until it’s time to go to bed.”

Depression is a mental health issue. Depression (among many other mental health issues) can’t always be seen. Sometimes, we are so good at masking our symptoms that no one can see our pain or struggle. Sometimes, we are so good at hiding, that WE are not even aware of the depth of our own pain.

Break the Stigma

Mental health isn’t just a matter of something that someone needs to be hospitalized for. Mental health comes down to the little things we do to take care of ourselves. Break the stigma about mental health by talking about it.

Your mental health matters.

Take a mental break away from your desk at work. Take time to feed your creative side. There are so many different, small ways that make a huge impact on your mental health. Even just a few minutes to reset your mind will have a huge impact on how you think and feel.


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