Today my news feeds, notifications, social media forums are all reflecting that on this day 18 years ago, terrorists hijacked two planes and brought the Twin Towers down and attacked the Pentagon. I don’t think I will ever forget where I was when I learned the news. I was in a classroom with 17 other students. It was an odd feeling at first. It was quiet, but you could hear the sound of people’s fears and hearts breaking. The world stopped and was in slow motion all at the same time. No one was focused on anything other than the news of the terrorist attack and saving as many people as possible. Today I want to share that those who were on the planes, in the towers, at the Pentagon, in the surrounding area, firefighters, police officers, hospitals, social workers, relief organizations, and all those individuals who rose up to serve and treat those in need, you are not forgotten.

Join me today in lighting a candle, saying a prayer or taking a moment of silence to honor all those who took their last breath that day and those who continue to fight for our country.