I choose to see a person, as a whole person. Whatever comes with them or that belief. Human beings are not perfect, therefore we don’t make perfect decisions. We don’t have perfect thoughts and our feelings aren’t perfect. This means we are fallible and capable of anything. Good or bad. Great or horrible.
Throughout my life, I have yet to see a behavior, a choice, a thought, once examined or expounded upon, not make sense in it’s context. This even goes for unhealthy behaviors, poor choices and negative thoughts. However, sometimes we don’t know that things are poor, unhealthy or negative.  Because this is what we’ve been taught to be true, right or ok, directly or indirectly in our experiences. That is the truth I’ve come to understand. And now the other truth that works along side of that is… we, as people, can unlearn, relearn and always learn more about things.
I have found that part of life and learning includes a phase where questioning thoughts, feelings and behaviors becomes the highest intrinsic need. It becomes a place where personal and professional growth get together and have a party! I questioned the things I believed were part of the fundamental values and beliefs I live my life by and I found that many needed to be changed or at the very least, needed to be tweaked.
I found the strongest belief I have is, I actively choose to treat everyone I meet like a person, then they are never a stranger to me. I asked myself where did this come from and I landed on the memory of a conversation between my mother and I when I was 15. She told me that I act like I have never met a stranger. I am sure she never thought that it would shape my life. However, I have carried this observation with me for 15 years like a cognitive accessory. I didn’t realize as a teenager that it then became a part of how I chose to view the world and interact with it.
A single belief, positive or negative, can shape us in ways we don’t intend it too. I challenge you this Friday to think about where your beliefs, values or standards come from. Maybe you will find some of your own you want to change or let go.