We are excited to relay a recent news story about a Security-Widefield vending machine company taking active steps to fight against the national opioid epidemic. Discount Vending Store has already supplied custom-made vending machines that carry Narcan and fentanyl testing strips to Oklahoma. They are working hard to partner with other states, including Colorado, to place these vital machines in libraries, universities, and other important locations soon. As a mental health agency, we are encouraged by other small businesses willing to take active steps to meet the increasing needs of substance users in Colorado. To see the full KKTV 11 News story, click here.

Deaths caused by opioid use have been dramatically increasing over the last couple of years, as evidenced in a recent Quarterly Data Brief spotlighting opioid use. While El Paso County Coroner, Dr. Leon Kelly is encouraged that the death rate has at least slowed from the starling numbers witnessed in 2021, the crisis is far from over. To read the full report, which includes important information about opioid use disorder, myths associated with opioids, and information on how to get help, click here.


#Opioid Crisis