Team Bemer RAAM 2022

World Record: 5 days 2 hours and 47 minutes

From the time they left Oceanside, CA to the time they crossed the finish line in Annapolis, MD, this 8-man team of ultra-cyclists covered 3,080 miles, through blazing heat, ripping winds, and difficult traffic patterns. They climbed more than 170,000 feet of elevation – more than 5 times the height of Mt. Everest. Their secret weapon: BEMER! And a loyal, talented support team of 30 led by Team Manager Greg Petersen.
In Annapolis, the team was greeted by 50 plus well-wishers, including IBDS Charlie Haviland, who had this to say about seeing the historic finish:
  • I’m a lifelong football fan. You could fly me to Super Bowl Sunday on your dime, buy me a ticket on the fifty yard line, slip me a locker room pass for the victors and I wouldn’t trade it for standing at the finish line when Team BEMER 2022 Thursday broke its own Guinness World Record.

Here are the stats! #TeamBEMER

The 5 th place team was only 26 minutes behind the 4 th place team.
The 4 th place team was only 10 minutes behind the 3 rd place team.
The 3 rd place team was 9 hours behind the 2 nd place team.
The 2 nd place team was 25 hours behind the 1 st place BEMER team.
This 8-man team will all tell you that using the BEMER for recovery and endurance
during those five days made all the difference for them.

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If you want to learn more check out BEMER here – Wholehearted Counseling, LLC BEMER