Post written by Barbara Myers- Grief Recovery Specialist- Registered Psychotherapist

Valentine’s Day, often expressed with hearts, flowers, candy, cards and chocolate strawberries (my favorite) – the emphasis on a romantic aspect of love that needs to be celebrated not only on Feb 14th, but often throughout the year in word and in physical expression. 

At the root of this expression, in successful relationships, I believe is mutual admiration. It’s two people looking across the dinner table at each other saying inside as well as aloud – I like you, I like being with you, I want this moment to have many moments added on through the years ahead.  It’s knowing that you have the respect and emotional support of that person even when you are not at your best.   

WE all  know the joke about the Scotsman who declares as he is gazing down at his wife’s grave,”She was a damn fine woman and I almost told her so once.”  It’s great that he respected her, but not fine that it went unexpressed.

Our loved ones need to know that they are loved.   It also isn’t enough to just tell your partner you love them.  We often hear now that love isn’t enough.  I like to think again that admiration needs to come into play and the physical demonstration is essential for both men and women.  This takes real sharing, personal sacrifice, and your hand as well as your heart.  Like a diamond love is multi-faceted and the adventure is discovering all that it offers together.

Feel free to share with us your thoughts about love.