Believe it or not, mental health and physical health are intertwined. How we treat one affects how the other one performs and vice versa. If we fuel the mind, we fuel the body.  For some people these entwined connections can become a vicious circle.

There are No Coincidences

Have you ever noticed that physically active people that exercise on a regular basis are usually happier than people that are unhealthy, less active or sedentary and do not exercise on a regular basis?  (makes you think doesn’t it?…hmmm)

Poor physical health can cause poor self-image issues. It can also lead to symptoms of depression, anxiety, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and an onslaught of other mental health problems.

On the same note, when mental health problems are present, physical health often is one of the first things to take a hit. People lose the motivation to exercise. Healthy eating habits can take a hit and unhealthy eating habits can form. Short-term and long-term memory is affected. Activity, in general, can seem like more than a person can handle, and the list goes on.

Habits and The Engine

Yes, healthy habits take time to develop and implement. At the same time, unhealthy habits can be insanely hard to break.

When we are physically and mentally healthy our bodies can handle stress a great deal better than when we are unhealthy.

Like your car’s engine, your body is a finely tuned machine that will react to how it is being treated and what you put into it. If you act like a race car and go, go, go. Putting things into your body that are designed to give you artificial boosts of energy, eventually, like a race car, your body will give out.

However, if you take the time to practice proper maintenance. i.e. checking its breaks, changing its oil, fixing what needs to be fixed. Then the engine will last a very long time.

The Computer

Since I am already using the analogy of a car, lets look at what happens if the car’s computer is damaged.

The computer in a car is its brain. Much like the brain in our own body that controls everything. So, if the computer in your car is damaged you will be lucky if it runs. The human brain works the exact same way. If you suffer brain damage, you will be lucky if your body keeps functioning.

Also, like the human body, if you car is still running after it’s computer has been damaged it will be in protected mode. This is so that the car is not further damaged by use. It will also still enable the driver to get to a safe place to call for help. The core functions work at a reduced percentage.

Now back to the human body. The more we abuse our brains and ignore the signs we need mental or emotional help, the more functions reduce or shut down in our bodies. Eventually you get to survival mode and only your core functions work at a reduced capacity.

Fueling your mind and body will encourage your computer and engine to operate more efficiently.

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