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Everyday is a new beginning

To live authentic, no greater goal or more difficult task


What we know matters, but who we are matters more



Areas of Focus

Mental Health

Trauma & PTSD

Mental • Emotional • Physical Trauma • Acute & Chronic Pain • Disturbing Thoughts/Feelings • Tragedy


Attachment & Detachment •Fear • Restlessness • Fatigue • Social concerns

Interpersonal Relationships

Love • Intimacy • Sex • Communication • Belonging • Men’s & Women’s Issues


Hopelessness • Fear • Worthlessness • Sadness

Grief & Loss

Coping Skills • Bereavement • Stages of Grief

Professional Development

Career • Formal/Informal Learning • Evaluation • Reflective Practice

End of Life Care

Advanced Directives • Final Decisions • Living with Terminal/Incurable Illness

Suicide Prevention

Mental Health First Aid • Training • Awareness • After an Attempt

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