Happy Holidays!
I wanted to take a moment to share a bit about what I am currently seeing and hearing in our community.
I grew up in the northeast and I have had amazing opportunities to share in our country’s history and stand in the place where our founding fathers decided they wanted to take their freedom back, as well as, help those without their own voice be heard. Part of wholehearted counseling is about living and loving ourselves again. It is about being our authentic selves and finding our own voices.
I have found that in 75%+ of my clients that I have come into contact with that they struggle locating, using and hearing their own voices. I have a belief that our voice; our timbre, tone, language and style is unique to the individual. So if we all have our own, no wonder we, at time, don’t feel heard or understood by the people around us.
My challenge to the world this holiday season is to listen. Take a moment to just listen to someone in your life. Try not to formulate a response while they are speaking and hear all of what they have to say first. I can personally attest that it makes all the difference!
Listen with your heart this holiday and see the change that can happen.