Part of Street’s Hope Legacy

Denver Street's Hope

Hello, Street’s Hope Family, Friends, and Newcomers- I was giving the honor to write one of this month’s blogs! I have now been with Street’s Hope for almost 2 years! In that time I have gone from an intern to Program Manager now to Program Director. It is truly been such a privilege to work for Street’s Hope and serve incredible women as they make the choice to transition from surviving to thriving. It is been a loving and learning experience to walk along side them.

I have to share that last fall a new program was implemented, our Continued Care/Alumni Program. The need for this program was evident, but it wasn’t until our fearless leader, Nina, came to me and said: “I had a dream…” ? She envisioned being able to offer any client who graduates from our residential or non-residential programs access to Street’s Hope resources lifelong, yep you read it correctly, for the rest of their lives! It has been one of my greatest joys to head and implement this program for the graduates within our community. Our clients needed to know that the kinds of support or the frequency of support can sometimes change based on the level of need, but the face, Street’s Hope as an organization and as a staff, would always be there to help in whatever way we can. Our alumni, like any person, encounter “life” obstacles and as it says in our mission statement, we are here to nurture resilience to overcome, work through or say no to those challenges and this program created a way for us to continue to remind and nurture that internal resilience ongoing.

I feel like as I look back I don’t even feel like the same person anymore. I have grown and transformed so much. In some ways I feel like my role transition was similar to other new job experiences i.e. tasks, learning the ropes etc. In other ways, I feel like I was called to be here by a power much larger than myself and every day brings an opportunity for professional or personal growth and learning. When I first reached out to Street’s Hope I was first attracted to its message of H.E.A.R.T. and as the days go by I am affirmed that the message is not only for the clients, it is for anyone who comes into contact with the organization. Every person I have had the honor of working with leaves impacted, influenced or changed. It is a choice I make every morning on my way to work, be open to the power that gets created within our home and client community.

I have felt so healed and empowered by the work and more specifically, I have been able to find and re-define my own voice as a leader, a member of this community and as a woman fighting the mighty fight against sex trafficking and those who exploit these tremendous individuals. I truly come and go from the Street’s Hope driveway feeling reawakened by the work I was led to do. I know that as long as Street’s Hope needs me, I will be there to serve.

Thanks, Street’s Hope for letting me be a part of your legacy.
Allison Myers, Program Director